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06 BLESSSED’ IS THE NAME OF YOUR FIRST ALBUM, WHY THIS NAME? I feel very blessed to still be able to do what I do because 3 years ago I had a stroke and for a moment it looked like my career might have been over. I worked hard during rehabilitation and both physically and mentally I made almost 100% recovery. Hence the title of the album: it’s a tribute to my life. WHAT WAS THE CREATIVE PROCESS BEHIND THE ALBUM? Everything started with ‘Ducky Tribal Mission’. When I finished this track, I knew the direction I wanted to go sound wise. Aesthetically I chose a sort of Millennium vibe which reminds me of the first years I started going out and listening to this sort of music. Because this album reflects a long journey of me discovering a lot of different genres of electronic music. THIS IS RELEASED FROM YOUR OWN LABEL, VERMILLION TRAX, CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THE IDEA BEHIND THIS LABEL? I wanted to be able to control everything for this project without needing an ‘ok’ from any partner. It was very important to me to be able to do this specific release my way. I also have been receiving a lot of incredible tracks from young producers that I have been supporting for a while and I want to bring more attention to them. This label will basically be for all the track ids people have been asking me about from my sets! WHERE ARE YOU FROM AND WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST INFLUENCES GROWING UP? I was born in Belgium, and I still mostly living there at the moment. I am very happy here as Belgium is a very stable country that offers a lot of opportunities. I was able to follow my dreams and be successful because of the lifestyle that comes with being born in Europe. My biggest influences growing up are not people but subcultures like skating and rave culture with everything that comes with that like art, music and social ideals like love and respect. AND NOW, IN 2023, WHAT ARE YOUR INFLUENCES? Rave culture has evolved but I am still happy to be a part of it. Sometimes I think social media has had a bit of negative impact on the values of our culture somewhat but at the same time I am always happy seeing young, new ravers discovering the world that I have so much love for. And in the end, it doesn’t matter how underground or mainstream it gets. There will always be diversity and a place for this type of music. WHEN AND WHERE WAS THE FIRST RAVE YOU WENT TO, AND WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER ABOUT IT? My first rave was I Love Techno when it was still in Ghent. I remember being intimidated by how big it was and how many people were there. FINALLY... WHAT IS FIESTA (PARTY) AND WHAT IS BULLSHIT THIS SUMMER? Festivals and seeing my DJ friends backstage is fiesta. France going on strike causing delays all over Europe is bullshit!

07 F A - R R A - G O

08 K l a u d i a G a w l a s

09 HELLO KLAUDIA, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS INTERVIEW. WE HAVE LISTENED TO “FIRE BALL” AND WE LOVED IT. WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT THIS RELEASE? Actually I´ve got inspired at some events when they have the Fireworks. The feeling when the drop comes and the energy level increases. Those moments created a lot of emotions to me and that’s what I wanted to bring in to this track. I concentrated on the drops and the Fireball effect on it. The track itself might be more like a tool track and it’s rollin´ till the break. A good build up and an amazing explosion at the drop with a big hands up moment. I´ve tested and played this one for a long time and it worked fantastic. I think this track has been my best one of my whole playlists. So I am very happy about that. HOW WAS IT WORKING FOR SUCH A WELL-RESPECTED LABEL? It’s a big honor for me of course to work with such good and big labels like SCI TEC. They have enough experience to guide you through the whole release and its very nice to work with the nice team. It´s a very warm and familiar surroundings. They do a good job, so I am happy to be back with a new release. WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH DUBFIRE? I admire him a lot. His sets are just amazing and the vibe he creates is just another level. He is a true artist. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to work with Ali. He is a legend, traveling the world and playing the best festivals. So, this means a lot to me, to get the opportunity to be heard in the world by one of the best DJs out there. THERE IS A NEW TREND, WHICH IS NOT SO NEW FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN THE INDUSTRY FOR MANY YEARS, THAT IS BASED ON ACCELERATING THE BPMS TO THE MAXIMUM AND THAT SEEMS TO BE LOVED BY THE NEW GENERATION OF CLUBBERS. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? The music now changed a lot to harder styles. Everywhere you have this hard techno parties. I kinda like it, but to a certain level. I remember we were the same in the younger age. We started to rave around 145 bpm. This was our rhythm. „Grown up“ you start to listen to more other styles and dive deeper. Music styles change during the years.I personally think this is always a Zeitgeist of our society. We have uncertain times, so this is always a point where the music gets harder, rougher, stronger. It has a certain energy level, you can feel the power of this all. We have a completely new generation, coming out from pandemic which was not able to party. Imagine you wait till the age of 18, finally able to go out, and then there is a lockdown. I would freak out. I remember I was waiting sooo long to turn 18 to finally being able to visit some real Techno Clubs. This generation is hungry. This young people are the future and it’s also important to educate the listener in a set. Music is also very important to heal things around us and connect people instead of dividing them. was released on SCI-TEC, Dubfire’s prestigious label. “FIRE BALL” ANOTHER TOPIC THAT IS PRESENT TODAY IS THE USE OF AI IN ELECTRONIC MUSIC. IS IT A PASSING FAD OR HAS IT COME TO STAY? Well, this is a good question. Kind of crazy if you imagine how this works. You can do many things with AI but you can’t replace humans mind and feelings. It´s not possible. I think music is also still made by emotions. From different moods and emotions created live. This is something what will still survive. No computer is as good as a special vibe and human feelings. Spinning for example is not the same like with a software. It sounds a bit different. Always. We will see. I am very open minded. But Art is Art, made by feelings and emotions.

010 M a d e B y P e t e Photo: Khali Ackford He’s currently underway with Blue Marlin summer long Ibiza residency, and performed at a Fabric London Crosstown Rebels show on 19th May, with the likes of Black Coffee, Solomon and Damian Lazaerus remixing his original music, and tastemakers like, Keinemusik, Sasha, Bedouin and Pete Tong all championing his records. Made By Pete’s 5 year affiliation with seminal underground imprint Crosstown Rebels has garnered him a global fanbase, facilitating a touring schedule that has seen him perform all over the world.

011 Thank you very much for this interview. We are delighted to be able to speak with you and learn more about you and your professional career. You were born and raised in one of the capitals of clubbing culture. What was the scene like in those years and which were the first clubs where you started to fall in love with electronic music? Despite growing up London, my first experience of electronic music was actually in Ibiza. I started going to the island on family holidays from the age of 14 and that was what exposed me to club culture. Coming back to London, I was lucky enough to be able to DJ at legendary venues like The Cross and Turnmills before they closed their doors. Egg, Ministry Of Sound and Fabric were also regular haunts. I was spoiled for choice! All artists have a date and a place that marked the beginning of their professional career. In your case, when and where was your first performance as a professional? It would have been my first proper residency which was at a club called The White House in Clapham (RIP). I got job working for the promoter on Thursday nights. I would walk around Clapham, Brixton and Balham all day giving out passes to all the workers in shops, bars, estate agents etc, then stand outside the shop on the high-street in the evening doing the same. Eventually I’d get back to the club to play the last slot for a few hours after the headliner. I did that for a few years as a teenager, playing alongside likes of MJ Cole, Norman Jay and The Nextmen. How were those early years? Did you find it difficult to make a name for yourself in the scene? What were the challenges you encountered? I don’t think I was trying to make a name for myself really. I knew that I wanted to be a DJ and work in music full time. Those early days were so new and exciting, I just got stuck in and enjoyed every minute without too much thought about what it all meant. Eventually I started getting booked to play weekends at The White House. It was a well-respected club so there were always promoters from other venues around. Opportunities would arise from chance encounters, I started to grow my network and that lead to me running my own events in South London. The only challenge I can think of was earning enough money to keep it going. Working as a local resident and doing warm up sets across London was great experience but it didn’t pay the bills. I’d often get paid for the number of tickets I sold. That was what pushed me into music production as I knew that was my best chance of working my way up the bill. In 2018, you released the EP ‘So Long’ on Crosstown Rebels, a work that was a significant breakthrough in your career. How did this EP come about, and why do you think it was so well received? ‘So Long’ was my second collab with Jem Cooke. A well-respected label had sat on it for months before passing which was a gut buster. I had always been a fan of Crosstown Rebels so that night I went on their website, found the demos@ email address and sent it off, never expecting to hear back. About 30 mins later I received an email from Damian himself saying how much he loved it and wanted to sign it. He locked in remixes from Solomon and Audiojack… the latter went on to be a Beatport #1. It’s a very deep and hypnotic record. Jem’s vocal is so haunting and intimate. The combination just seemed to resonate with people and it gave me a great foundation to build from. You have a great relationship with Damian Lazarus, a very special artist. What would you highlight about him? His taste. It might sound obvious but not everyone has great taste. As well as being a brilliant artist he’s always been one of the best A&R guys around with a great ear for music. From FFRR to City Rockers and now, celebrating 20 years of Crosstown Rebels, he’s been responsible for breaking some of the biggest acts around. At some stage in your career, you need someone with a respected voice to back you. I’m grateful to him for doing that for me. Back in May this year he invited me to play at Fabric for the London leg of the CR20 tour which was a great honour. In 2023, you released a bombshell on Crosstown Rebels, “Horizon Red”, with over 12 million views online and remixed by legends Damian Lazarus and Black Coffee. How was the creative process for this track? I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, so I decided to take lessons during lockdown. During the 4th or 5th lesson I was learning about chord inversions. After the lesson, whilst practicing, I stumbled on three or four chords that sounded magical together. I immediately knew that I was on to something, so I spent the next 4-5 hours building the chord structure for ‘Horizon Red’. The groove came after, something that was alien to me because up until then I’d always started with the groove. I’d met Zoe a few months before at a gig in London and I knew her voice would be perfect for it. I invited her to my studio, and we wrote and recorded the lyrics over an afternoon. Zoe’s performance was incredible, and we instantly knew we had something special. You recently toured India and Asia for the first time. How was it to DJ in these continents? Is the energy of these clubbers different from Europeans? It’s always a privilege to travel the world and experience different cultures. Music transcends geographical barriers so there’s always a familiar sense of unification within the electronic music community, wherever I go. Of course, each place has its own unique vibe that makes it special. That’s what makes this job so rewarding. You are starting a long-term residency at Blue Marlin from May to September. What can you tell us about this project? Ibiza has played such a pivotal role in my career so having a long-standing residency at such a brilliant venue is a dream come true. Blue Marlin is a special place. Ibiza was synonymous with outdoor, daytime clubbing for many years, but restrictions and venue closures have made that harder. It’s great that the island still has spot where you can bask in the sun all day, embrace the magic of sunset and dance on into the night, all whilst listening to great music on a proper soundsystem, played by world class DJs. I’ll be playing 11 dates over the summer and I’m looking forward to every moment. You will be sharing the DJ booth with Pete Tong at Blue Marlin. What is it like to work with such an important legend like Pete Tong? I’m excited to play alongside him. Pete is another guy with great taste who’s been a pivotal figure in our industry for decades. I grew up listening to his Radio 1 shows and have been fortunate enough feature on some of them. Every time Pete Tong plays one of my records on BBC Radio 1 and reads out my name it’s a ‘pinch myself’ moment. Your production videos in your home studio on YouTube have been a great success. How did you come up with the idea, and did you expect it to be so well-received? I’ve paid my dues with studio spaces. From my mum’s kitchen to side bedrooms and dark dingey garages. When I moved into the suburbs, one of the main reasons was to have enough space to build a studio in the back garden. I designed the interior to feel like a cozy home. Somewhere I would feel comfortable and relaxed enough to explore my sound. As my studio grew, I started to do live performances of all my releases. Filming them and sharing them with the online community just felt like a great way of telling my story and sharing my sound. We’re living in an amazing time for music technology. There are so many unique and varied instruments available to explore. It’s a great time to be an electronic music producer. Do you think electronic music makes a mistake by staying away from platforms like YouTube and Twitch? I don’t think people should feel that they need to have a presence on every platform. It’s not possible, there are too many! Each one has its own benefits and I think if you can find your voice on one of them and do it well, it’s more valuable than spreading yourself across all of them without really understanding any of them. I’m working on new music all the time but I don’t like to rush or put pressure on myself to continuously churn out music. It’s a work in progress for now so let’s see. Hopefully I’ll release some more original music before the year is out. In the meantime, I was given the opportunity to remix a track from Bedouin’s amazing album ‘Temple Of Dreams’. I’m really excited to share that! I’m also touring a lot this summer with gigs in, London, Istanbul, Dubai & Zurich alongside my Ibiza shows at Blue Marlin and Chinois. IN ADDITION TO YOUR RESIDENCY IN IBIZA, WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? ANY UPCOMING RELEASES WE CAN EXPECT?

012 ¿CÓMO TE INICIASTE EN EL MUNDO DE DJ? ¿QUÉ TE INSPIRÓ? Desde pequeña me llamó la atención la colección de discos de mi abuelo, cada vez que iba a su casa me ponía a escucharlos y quedaba fascinada con la aguja, los surcos y el sonido que salía de ese aparato. De adolescente comencé a comprar vinilos, CD’s y cassettes, y empecé a pinchar en fiestas de amigos. De ahí pasé a musicalizar desfiles de moda y pronto di el salto a eventos más grandes y a clubes de baile. DESPUÉS DE ESTABLECERTE EN BARCELONA, ​ TE EMBARCASTE EN DIFERENTES VENUES Y CENTROS CULTURALES, CONVIRTIÉNDOTE EN UNA DE LAS DJS MÁS SOLICITADAS DE LA CIUDAD. ¿QUÉ TE LLEVÓ A ELEGIR BARCELONA COMO TU BASE? Llegué a Barcelona en modo turista y decidí quedarme con lo que traía puesto. Fue como una especie de crush con la ciudad. Barcelona me abrió las puertas de forma inmediata y conseguí mi primera residencia semanal al poco tiempo de llegar e hice un Máster de Gestión de Empresas en la Industria Musical. TU MÚSICA ESTÁ INSPIRADA EN LA MÚSICA AFRICANA Y LATINOAMERICANA. ¿QUÉ TE ATRAE PARTICULARMENTE DE ESTOS GÉNEROS? Crecí escuchando samba, bossa nova, cumbia colombiana y luego en los 90’s otros ritmos latinos como el merengue hip hop, el latin house o incluso dancehall. Me fascina el uso de la percusión, la frecuencia del ritmo, el uso de voces poderosas y su poder hipnótico. En mis sesiones siempre hay un elemento de groove, algo percutivo-tribal y cósmico que te conecta con el cielo y al mismo tiempo con la tierra. Me gusta mezclar sonidos vintage. SONIDO TUPINAMBA ES UNA DJ, CURADORA DE MÚSICA Y FUNDADORA DEL CICLO MUSICAL “POLY-RYTHMO CLUB” EN LOS ÚLTIMOS AÑOS PÁGINAS COMO DISCOGS HAN AGLUTINADO GRAN PARTE DE LA VENTA DE DISCOS DE VINILO, PERO POR SUERTE BARCELONA ES UNA CIUDAD CON GRAN CULTURA MUSICAL Y UNA GRAN VARIEDAD DE TIENDAS FÍSICAS MUY ESPECIALIZADAS... ¿NOS PODRÍAS NOMBRAR CUÁLES SON TUS LUGARES FAVORITOS DE LA CIUDAD PARA CONSEGUIR JOYAS? ¡Sí! Barcelona es una gran ciudad para comprar discos, de mis tiendas favoritas les puedo recomendar: Barcelona City Records en el Born, Glove Record Shop en Galería Olimpia, Discos Paradiso en el Gótico y también ir a ferias de discos y a mercadillos tipo Glories o el Flea Market donde siempre encuentras joyitas. ¿COMO FUNDADORA DE POLY-RYTHMO CLUB, NOS PODRÍAS DESCRIBIR SU ESENCIA EN TRES PALABRAS? Poly-Rythmo Club es una fiesta itinerante de música de baile positiva. Una alternativa en la escena electrónica con sonidos groove provenientes de todo el planeta. La fiesta ha pasado por salas como: La Paloma, Nitsa (Sala Apolo), Upload, Laut, La Terrrazza, Cabaret (Hotel Edition), Nica Bonay (Casa Bonay). ADEMÁS DE TUS SETS COMO DJ, TAMBIÉN ERES CURADORA MUSICAL Y FUISTE PRESENTADORA DE RADIO, EN RADIO PRIMAVERA SOUND Y DUBLAB. ¿CÓMO SE COMPLEMENTAN ESTAS FACETAS EN TU CARRERA Y CÓMO AFECTAN TU ENFOQUE MUSICAL? Creo que estas actividades se retroalimentan: parte del “digging” que hago para mis sesiones de DJ me sirve en la curadoria musical que hago para marcas y viceversa. Además, los artistas que he entrevistado en la radio muchas veces han terminado tocando en Poly-Rythmo Club o siendo una inspiración para mis dj sets. Al final es un mismo universo observado desde distintos puntos de vista, por eso utilizo el nombre “Sonido Tupinamba” ya que es más amplio que “Dj” y me permite abarcar más actividades dentro de la música. FINALMENTE, ¿CUÁLES SON TUS PLANES FUTUROS COMO DJ, CURADORA Y PROMOTORA? Como Dj quiero abrirme cada vez más a distintos estilos y llegar a un mercado más internacional. En cuanto a la curadoría musical me gustaría entrar en el mundo de la supervisión musical para cine y series. Y en lo que respecta a Poly-Rythmo Club, un próximo paso es traer al club más shows en directo, como el que hicimos con Voilaaa Sound System y también exportar la fiesta a más lugares. ¡Ibiza por ejemplo es un punto que tenemos en la mira!

013 S o n i d o T u p i - n a m b a Photo: Govii Cardini

HA PASADO CASI UN AÑO DESDE QUE NOS ENCONTRAMOS EN EL SKY BAR DE OCEAN DRIVE TALAMANCA, ¿QUÉ RESUMEN HACES DE TU CARRERA DESDE ENTONCES? Te lo resumo en una palabra: emocionante. En el último año he pasado de pinchar en el garage de mi casa a recibir ofertas de casi todo el mundo y no tengo ningún problema en reconocer que durante el proceso de pasar de lo virtual a la vida real he llegado a llorar de la emoción en muchas ocasiones. Ha sido una sorpresa ver la cantidad de gente que se interesaba por verme en directo. Tanto las solicitudes de booking como los comentarios de la gente me desbordaron... Fue increíble. Nunca pensé ni por asomo que pudiera armar un tour desde cero como el que pude armar. NO HAS PARADO DE VIAJAR Y DE ACTUAR EN DIFERENTES PAÍSES Y CLUBS. ¿QUÉ CIUDADES Y CLUBS HAN SIDO LOS QUE MÁS TE HAN SORPRENDIDO? Desde que comencé el tour en octubre no he tenido casi ningún fin de semana libre. He hecho más de 60 actuaciones, visitado unas 40 ciudades en 15 países y en todos sitios he encontrado muy buena vibra. Me sorprendió mucho la buena energía que hubo en Berlín y en Londres en las primeras fechas del tour pero han habido muchos otros sitios con un público entregado que me encantó la magia que hubo en el ambiente. Por lo general, voy a sitios en donde tengo muchos seguidores y nos lo pasamos en grande. CUANDO LA GENTE DESPUÉS DE UNA SESIÓN SE TE ACERCA A SALUDARTE ¿QUÉ TE COMENTAN, CUÁL ES EL FEEDBACK QUE RECIBES? Me agradecen los buenos momentos que han pasado disfrutando de mi trabajo y la verdad es que saber que lo que hago le aporta algo positivo a la gente es una satisfacción enorme. He notado que muchos de ellos son DJs que me dicen que encuentran un ejemplo de perseverancia que les motiva y también valoran los aspectos técnicos y debo confesar que me siento orgulloso de ser un referente para ellos. ¡Todo un honor! Siempre que puedo intento atender a quienes quieren saludarme o hacerse una foto. Estoy y estaré enormemente agradecido a quienes me apoyan. EL VINILO Y CARLOS VAN DE LA MANO, ¿CUÁNTOS VINILOS TIENES? ¿CÓMO ORGANIZAS TU COLECCIÓN? Comencé a comprar discos siendo muy jovencito, impulsado por el auge de la música disco. Los primeros los compré con el dinero que ganaba repartiendo periódicos y luego al comenzar a pinchar en pequeñas fiestas, lo que ganaba me lo gastaba todo en discos. A mediados de los 80 ya tenía 2 grandes cajas de madera hechas a medida llenas de discos que pesaban una barbaridad y cargaba con ellas para ir a pinchar a sitios que cada vez eran mejores y eso a su vez me permitía comprar más discos. Actualmente en el estudio tengo visibles en los vídeos entre 2.000 y 2.500, y hay más en otra estantería que son más que nada descartes. La cantidad va cambiando permanentemente pero ahora mismo tendré en total unos 3.500 o 4.000 vinilos. ¿SIGUES COMPRANDO VINILOS? Sí, sigo comprando más. En el último año he comprado unos 1.000 discos, tanto sueltos en tiendas físicas o virtuales, como parte de colecciones a DJ’s y clubes que ya no los usan. ¿QUÉ OPINA CARLOS CUANDO VE A DJS EN CABINA QUE LO LLEVAN TODO PROGRAMADO, CON EL SYNC Y MÁS PENDIENTES DE OTRAS COSAS QUE DE PINCHAR? Lo respeto todo. La tecnología está para usarla y cada cual le da el uso que quiera. Lo que sí debo decir es que no tiene nada que ver usar vinilos que usar ordenadores, son juegos diferentes. Siempre he dicho que pinchar con el sync es como jugar al tetris y que solo te bajen barras, te pasas las pantallas y puedes ganar muchos puntos pero no estás manejando todos los aspectos del juego. A mí me gusta el riesgo de pinchar con vinilos. Es mi juego y lo hago porque lo disfruto. ESTE MES DE JULIO VUELVES A LA ISLA. ¿QUÉ SIGNIFICA VOLVER A IBIZA UN AÑO DESPUÉS PARA VOLVER CON NOSOTROS? Es una gran satisfacción porque este lugar tiene algo especial y me encanta, y además de hacer otro set con un entorno maravilloso en Ocean Drive Ibiza también estaré en un sitio muy emblemático como Pacha, que no te puedo decir que sea un sueño hecho realidad porque hasta hace poco ni me hubiese atrevido a soñarlo. ¿UN TRACK PARA DEFINIR IBIZA? Más que un track te diría una producción. Creo que los recopilatorios de Café del Mar han creado una imagen musical de Ibiza durante años que para muchos la define. Aunque luego al llegar te encuentres con otras cosas. 014

C A R L O S W I L L E N - G T O N photo: Club Das Zimmer de Mannheim, Alemania. 015




019 Ilusión y motivación. Cuando me enteré de la noticia estaba sentada en un avión, despegando a Albania. Iba sola y lo único que deseaba en ese momento era gritar de la emoción. Inmediatamente me puse a escribir a mi familia y amigos más cercanos, estaba súper ilusionada con la noticia. ¿Dónde vamos a poder disfrutar del sonido este verano en Ibiza? Un año más sigo con mi residencia en Café Mambo, cada miércoles en la pre-party de Hï con Fisher y Vintage Culture, además de fechas sueltas en Club Chinois, Blue Marlin y Akasha con TEN Ibiza. El 12 de agosto estarás en Brunch Electronik Festival compartiendo SARA cartel con una leyenda. ¿Habías coincidido alguna vez con Carl Cox en la cabina? Así es, esta es para mí una de las fechas destacadas de este verano. Y sí, tuve el placer de compartir cabina con Carl Cox el verano pasado en un evento privado, lo que me permitió escucharle pinchando Funky y Disco, además de conocerle en persona. Vas a tener que renovar tu pasaporte porque no te van a quedar páginas con tanto viaje. ¿Cuáles son los lugares del mundo en los que vas a actuar próximamente? Este verano tengo un buen número de países en los que todavía no he estado, como por ejemplo Baréin, Marruecos, Túnez, Georgia y Serbia, además de los habituales como Egipto, Turquía, Colombia, Italia... Ahora que lo digo, menuda locura. De los cursos de Hola DJ en domestika en los que participas, dinos tres consejos imprescindibles que das a tus alumnos. Dominar la técnica, mantenerse al día y sobre todo, no rendirse. Esto es un camino largo, y cuánto más largo y progresivo sea tu crecimiento artístico, mejor. Te has incorporado a la familia de B4 bookings, una de las agencias más importantes en la industria. ¿Qué supone este paso en tu carrera? Creo que este gran paso marca un antes y un después en mi carrera; ser parte de b4 es algo que tenía en mente desde hace unos cuántos años, y ver que se ha cumplido hace que tenga todavía más ganas e ilusión de seguir trabajando, demostrándome a mí misma de lo que soy capaz y ganándome el respeto del resto de personas de nuestro sector. Define en pocas palabras cómo te sentiste al enterarte que vas a debutar en Tomorrowland. C U M P L E S 1 0 A Ñ O S C O M O D J , C U A N D O S O P L E S L A S V E L A S D E L A T A R T A , ¿ Q U É D E S E O V A S A P E D I R ? S E G U I R E L R E S T O D E M I V I D A H A C I E N D O L O Q U E T A N T O M E G U S T A , A P R E N D I E N D O C A D A D Í A Y S I E M P R E C O N L A M I S M A P A S I Ó N E I L U S I Ó N . DE ARAÚJO Para Sara de Araújo Ibiza es... Todo. Es el lugar más mágico que conozco y doy gracias cada día por poder llamar a Ibiza “mi casa”.

020 Cuando comienzo a sentir la pesadez del día a día, cuando comienzo a cansarme de la rutina acumulada por el paso de los meses, cuando comienzo a perder la fe en las propuestas festivaleras que me encuentro a mi paso, la única fórmula de recargar las pilas y de reconciliarme conmigo mismo y con la escena musical es asistir a Días de Campo. Y de nuevo en este 2023 pude disfrutar de 3 días de paz, de reencuentro con la naturaleza, de diversión y de una oferta musical que alimentó mi alma. El festival que me da vida. p h o t o s : C a r l o s G i l , P a l m a L l o p i s & J o t a M a r t í n e z t e x t : J o n a t h a n G u t i é r r e z

021 Normalmente no suelo tener problemas para expresar en palabras lo que vivo en persona, pero en el caso de Días de Campo me resulta complicado, ya que fueron tantas las experiencias positivas y los momentos inolvidables que un simple artículo se me queda pequeño. Pasear tranquilo por las calles de Montanejos contando las innumerables sonrisas que me encontraba a mi paso, sentarme en la orilla del río Mijares escuchando la sinfonía de la naturaleza a mi alrededor, perderme en el bosque respirando los aromas de la primavera, bailar como un loco en cualquiera de los escenarios repartidos por los espacios del festival... ¿Quién puede pedir algo más? A diferencia de otros festivales en los que los espacios en los que se desarrolla la programación musical no están integrados en el entorno, en Días de Campo pasa todo los contrario. Cada uno de ellos ya sea La Plaza, El Tipi N E X T P A G E de Turia, River Club, The Basement Stage o el Jameson Stage son parte del paisaje con personalidad propia y con una propuesta diferente. Esta variedad te invita a moverte constantemente, y además en el trayecto de uno a otro no paran de ocurrir cosas maravillosas, no paras de encontrarte con gente desenfadada cuyo único objetivo es el mismo que el tuyo: encontrar la felicidad con cada bocanada de aire. Musicalmente hablando esta edición de Días de Campo fue increíble, a todos los artistas que compusieron la banda sonora del festival se les notaba que aquello no era un bolo más, que no era un compromiso de agenda, que se trataba de algo especial que les motivaba a entregarse en cada sesión. Su actitud, su energía, sus rostros de felicidad contagiaron a todos los que estábamos allí y nos indujeron a sumergirnos en una dinámica de baile incontrolado fuera el que fuera el estilo que estaban pinchando.


Destacar a algún artista por encima de otro sería injusto, pero es irremediable hacerlo ya que aportaron un plus a la atmósfera del festival. Sweely fue la figura destacada del viernes y nos condujo sin esfuerzo a un viaje sonoro entre el house, el minimal y el electro. El sábado en La Plaza celebramos junto a Los Suruba sus 25 años detrás de una mesa de mezclas, en el El Tipi de Turia compartimos la locura musical de The Ghost y Dorian Paic y para cerrar la noche en The Basement Stage nos alimentamos del puro talento sin filtros de Dyed Soundorom, Raresh y Sonja Moonear. El domingo tras dos días de emociones fuertes, simplemente entramos en el Tipi y recobramos toda la energía perdida gracias a los sets de Önur Ozer, Francesco Del Garde y Sugar Free & Fonte. Otro de los milagros que produce Días de Campo es la sonrisa permanente en tu cara los días después del festival, no puedes quitarte esa sensación de plenitud de tu cuerpo. Tus sueños durante esas noches son recuerdos vívidos de lo ocurrido, recuerdos de todos y cada uno de los momentos que experimentaste. Pero inevitablemente llega un día en el que la realidad te golpea, te deja bien claro que hay que volver a la rutina. Para antes de que llegue la “depresión”, la bajona, me digo a mi mismo que ya queda menos para volver a Montanejos, que ya quedan menos días para regresar al río Mijares, que ya queda menos para disfrutar de la belleza de la primavera de 2024 en Días de Campo... El festival que me da vida y que ha conquistado mi corazón para la eternidad. 023 h i n s t a g r a m . c o m /d i a s d e c a m p o _ f e s t



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031 Hi Paco, it’s a pleasure chatting with you, your NOW HERE concept is a vindication of the present, but to know how to appreciate the present you have to know the past, that past that has made you one of the most important national artists of all time. We are going to start with something that very few people may know, is it true that at the end of the nineties a tape with your music came into the hands of a person in Ibiza and that made you start on the island? Yes it’s correct! At that time I was living and studying my degree in Valencia, and through a person who was a friend of my family and worked at Amnesia, I sent that music tape to Martín Ferrer from Amnesia. A short time later, Martín called me in person to tell me to come to Ibiza to form part of the crew of DJs. Many people affirm that the first season in Ibiza is the one that marks you the most, how was that first season? What surprised you the most? Well, to tell you the truth, it was very hard and even frustrating at times. Since at that time the DJs, or at least for Amnesia, were the last thing to be valued. I remember that in the opening I was only able to play the last 20-30 minutes of the session, I didn’t expect that, although it was also true that I was the last DJ to form part of the team. But I had a very bad time since all my friends from Valencia and Barcelona had come to see my debut, (laughs). Then little by little I began to understand my role in the club and little by little I reverted it, at the end of that first season I was already the first resident in the main room (which at that time was the Club Room and not The Terrace). In positive terms, what surprised me the most was the freedom that you felt on the island and the energy there was in each party. I came from very different places (Barcelona & Valencia) and they had nothing to do with what I experienced in Ibiza that year. I remember that it was extremely hard because I would get to Amnesia at 11 at night and leave when the club closed - in those days they did not have a fixed closing time - and I worked every day without having a single day off, at the end of the season I was exhausted (laughs). It is one thing to be a DJ and quite another to be a professional DJ. Were your years in Amnesia the ones that taught you the profession? Not entirely, but it did have a great impact on my vision of music and the way I understand a DJ session. In those years being a resident DJ - or at least my role at Amnesia - was to open the session and be in the booth all night in case the guest DJ had a problem or needed something, in fact at the beginning of the season they made me sign a paper to say that I was in charge of the booth if something was missing or broken, I basically had to be a watchman all night (laughs). However, the musical level enriched me a lot and taught me to be able to manage a dance floor in any context. I could do the opening for Sven Väth, for Tiësto or Erick Morillo, or I had to play commercial music during the foam party, that gave me a great musical diversity and the ability to function in any situation or environment. So it was like a school of learning, which has helped me throughout my career. Cocoon, ENTER, Music On, you have been involved in the best parties in the history of Ibiza, what did you learn in those years and from working with such important brands? What I learned was a lot, both musically and technically. I still remember the first time I saw Richie Hawtin play with an AKAI sampler, the 909, a delay module and I said to myself: how much you still have to learn! So that’s what I always tried to do, learn, learn from the best and apply it to my way of DJing. I have always believed that the day I think I know everything and stop being interested in continuing to learn will be the first day of the end of my career. Obviously I also carry with me all those experiences, the great people I have met and the great friends I have made. Marco Carola is one of my best friends, with Richie Hawtin I have grown a lot in terms of creativity when mixing (which is something lost today) and Sven Väth helped me a lot in my beginnings in Ibiza musically, for example, Sven would give me his repeated promos on Mondays when he arrived at Amnesia. I can only speak so highly of those parties and I have possibly the best memories of those times. Starting the second month of his residency in Hï Ibiza’s Club Room, Paco Osuna’s NOW HERE continues to be a massive success, just as it was last summer. NOW HERE opened on June 13 and will continue every Tuesday through to October 3 at Hï’s Club Room, alongside The Martinez Brothers at The Theatre. With a really powerful line-up of more than 27 artists on a total of 16 nights, Paco Osuna’s NOW HERE has a very defined vision: to be a celebration of summer nights in which music is lived with passion and enjoyed collectively, to live the present moment to the fullest. As Ibiza is Paco’s headquarters for the summer, we had the opportunity to do an in-depth interview with him along with NOW HERE guest artists Melanie Ribbe, Blackchild, Iglesias and Manu Gonzalez, who have been part of the project since the beginning. PHOTOS: ALBERTO ALCOCER @ALBERTOALCOCER_

032 Now we are talking about the present. What is your assessment of your residency - NOW HERE - last year at Hï Ibiza? Did it meet your expectations? Normally I don’t like to have expectations, my father raised me telling me this: if you don’t have expectations you don’t have disappointments, what you have to do is to work hard constantly to achieve your goals in life. That is precisely what I did last season at Hï!! Since we announced the residency everyone told me - it was about time, you’re going to make it big! - to which I responded: the only thing I know is that I’m going to give everything to make the night work, so you have to work, and work, and I will not relax and just think that it will go well. At the end of the season, the satisfaction I had was incredible! I couldn’t believe what we had achieved on Tuesdays in the Club Room, not only in terms of capacity, but also in terms of atmosphere and the family we had created. Then I saw what Yann wrote about me at the end of the season on social media and the truth is that he moved me a lot. I would not like to say that the season met my expectations, rather I would say that at the end of the season I was very happy and very satisfied with what we had achieved. How did this first residency and Paco’s own party in Ibiza come about? What are the main fears that an artist faces when faced with the challenge of developing his own concept? Well, to be honest, we had the project prepared for 2020 in another room, but Covid appeared and everything changed. When we were able to plan the season again, we got the option to do it at Hï! And honestly it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. The team and how they made me feel - so loved from the beginning - for me it was the real success of the season, without feeling that love from all of them I could not have had the same results. I have always said that when you feel loved is when you give your best, it is the greatest motivation. And yes, you obviously have fears, fear of failure, fear of not being able to connect with the public. But as I’ve been DJing in Ibiza since 1999, even though I was afraid, I was also very sure of what I had to do and how I had to do it. What can we expect from NOW HERE in 2023? What things would you improve from last year? What’s new? I think lately the clubbing scene has neglected the importance of music and the passion for mixing. Today there are other factors that the public likes, the DJ’s interaction with them, the visual show, etc. It’s like the music isn’t the main thing. And we want to give priority to that again, to innovation in music and DJing. I could never understand going to a club just to see the show of the visuals or the show of the DJ interacting with the audience. I grew up visiting clubs to learn from the DJ, both the technique and the music and that is what we at NOW HERE want to promote. I’m not interested in big names that sell tickets, I’m interested in artists that contribute something to music and the world of DJing. Therefore, in terms of what is new, we have new artists that I think will bring more musical richness to the Club Room. What have you based on when choosing the artists to accompany you? What can you tell us about them? As I mentioned before, everything is based on the music and the DJ as an artist. All the DJs, both from last season and this one, have been part of NOW HERE because I have personally seen them play live and I know their work. Not a single one of them is in the line-up due to status or because they sell tickets, I am 95% sure that they will all do very well from minute one, so that the people have fun and enjoy the music. As our motto says: WE CARE ABOUT MUSIC. PACO OSUNA PACO OSUNA PA How many people work for NOW HERE? It’s crucial to have a great team behind it for a party like this to work, right? The truth is that we have a great team. It is not so much the quantity but rather that everyone involved in the project believes in it and feels it is their own. When, whatever the job, you feel that it is yours and that you are part of the project, that is when you get more involved and give more of yourself. Going to play at a club as a guest is not the same as going to play at a party where you feel part of the team and identified, that’s why I want the guests to feel NOW HERE as part of them. This isn’t just Paco Osuna’s party, it’s the party of a group of DJs who have - more or less - the same vision and idea of what a club night is. What you can expect from NOW HERE this year is the same as last year: work, dedication, effort and above all respect for music.

A 033 Do you think NOW HERE has come to build its own sound? How would you define it? Completely! If you look at the lineup, all the artists have the same musical identity: fresh and happy sounds that invite you to dance from the first beat. I have always thought that people go to a club to have fun, to have a good time and to forget about their problems, so I try to make the music like that: fun sounds that invite you to dance and which evoke emotions in you. I would define NOW HERE’s sound as groovy and fresh. The competition in Ibiza is brutal, in your opinion what differentiates NOW HERE from the rest of the offer? We do not want to compete with anyone, we are clear about our identity, our path and our goals, regardless of what others do!! I don’t look at what anyone does, I look at what I do. When you are very aware of what others do - or compare yourself with others - you are already distracted from your goals. So, as my father would say: Us, like donkeys: all the time, looking forward, without looking to the sides! What does a club like Hï Ibiza bring you? What do you like most about your room? I like EVERYTHING, but above all I like the team!! Their professionalism and dedication. Last year was my first season and I have the feeling that I have spent a lifetime with them. It would have been absolutely impossible to have created what we have done if it had not been for the human team at Hï!! I am a person who has always been moved by feelings, money or fame have never motivated me; my family motivates me, that’s why I never thought in the past - especially when I was at ENTER or Music On - of having my own party, because I was part of a family and a project. Today my family is Hï!! And I will do my best for them, because they have made me feel loved like never before in my almost 30-year career. If you were to travel back in time and meet that young Paco Osuna on his first day in Ibiza, what advice would you give him? (Laughs) “ufff!” If I could do that, I would give you a thousand and one pieces of advice but I think it would be the same thing that I say to everyone who asks me for advice: Enjoy the moment to the fullest and always be you without changing your personality, whatever your status and position in life.

034 Hi Melanie, we are delighted to interview you. It is known that you were already making mixtapes on cassettes at the age of 8. Do you still have any of those cassettes, and what kind of music was on them? Yes, it was my favourite activity when I came home from school. Unfortunately I don’t have them anymore. They consisted mostly of hip hop, R&B and some reggae, because that was what was being played on the radio in Jamaica where I was living at the time. You are returning to NOW HERE this summer, what surprises do you have in store for us this season? There will definitely be a surprise again this year, and I’m also bringing my secret treasures. I just want to give my best for the crowd and to make them dance nonstop. “I just want to give my best for the crowd and to make them dance nonstop”. MELANIE RIBBE MELANIE RIBBE What do you like most about Hï Ibiza, its decoration, sound system, atmosphere? I love Hï, it’s like an artist or partygoers’ playground. You have so many cool areas to dance or to hang out. It’s beautifully set out. The sound system is fantastic and the hospitality is always amazing. They treat you really well, make you feel really comfortable, so you can do you the best possible job. It has a great vibe all around! You released “Juno Mono” on Mindshake in 2020 and also recently a massive collaboration with Paco Osuna called “The Key EP”, what can you tell us about these works? Juno Mono was one of my favourite EPs I produced during the pandemic. The Key has been in the works for a while to create something special, strong and different. All three tracks on the EP have completely different personalities but still can be played in the same set, as I did at Ultra Peru and Paco did at the EDC. We wanted something to shake up the dance floor, powerful and strong. So far we are very happy with the support and the feedback, it has been amazing. What does Ibiza have that makes all DJs fall in love with the island? Ibiza is the magic island, you feel it when you land. It’s a very special island, and everyone who has ever visited it knows it, so I don’t have to say much more than that. There is no place like Ibiza. You guys already know.

035 Hi Manu, it’s a pleasure to interview you. You are a purebred Ibizan, do you think that influences your sound? Hi guys, it’s a pleasure for me to do this interview! Being born and bred in Ibiza, and involved with the islan’s nightlife growth since I was 17 years old has definitely influenced my sound. I have it in my veins! I worked on the legendary vinyl record store Delta Discos since the age of 16 before I broke through as an international DJ and producer and that was my preparation for becoming a music selector (DJ). Your DJ sets have an old-school vibe that clubbers love, but you can also easily adapt to new trends, do you think that versatility is the key to your success? I think the key in my long career has been consistency. In all ways. Evolve, adapt and believe: make it with passion or don’t make it at all! What did it mean for your career to participate in NOW HERE last year? For me to be a regular at NOW HERE has been a dream. I have played many times with/for Paco but being part of his baby NOW HERE in Ibiza was really special for many reasons, not only because Paco is someone I look up to as a reference but also as someone who represents the island and the country. What Paco has achieved is unique and it’s an understatement to say I’m proud to be part of it. In your opinion, Manu, what makes NOW HERE different from other parties in Ibiza? NOW HERE is a vibe, it is the past, the present and the future mixed all together, it’s an opportunity, it’s life. NOW HERE is living in the moment. You need to experience it, the night is a journey and the energy is exploding! “Evolve, adapt and believe: make it with passion or don’t make it at all”. MANU GONZÁLEZ MANU GONZÁ Besides your participation in NOW HERE, what other plans do you have for this summer? This is the biggest season of my 17year career! I’m going to be playing for Paco at NOW HERE @ Hï Ibiza, also for ANTS at Ushuaia, DEFECTED records, El Row... Chinois with Luciano and friends. I will also be playing a huge open-air historic show at Ibiza port with Luciano and Franky Wah. Ibiza 2023 is such a great season for me. Away from the island, I will be playing in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Malta, Mexico, Chile, many places! Ibiza representation on fire! Thanks Fiesta&Bulshit and see you on the dance floor!

036 Thank you for this interview! We understand that your passion for electronic music was born thanks to your father’s record collection. Apart from that music you listened to, what is your first memory of electronic music? The first important memory for me might be when Marco Carola played my song “A bit housy”. I didn’t know anything about the underground scene, I was just playing music and producing without any goal in particular, I was just doing it as a passion and later it started to become a fulltime job! I really believed in it and now I’m seeing the results. After the success of the first season, you are returning to NOW HERE this year, how was your experience last year and what do you expect from this one? This season is going to be special! I’m super excited to play at Hï which, for the second year in a row, is the best club in the world! Last year was just crazy! I met Paco for the first time and from the first moment, there was a really good connection and a great respect between us! “This season is going to be special! i’m super excited to play at hï”. CHILD BLACKCHILD BLACKCHILD You have collaborated with Paco before, you have even remixed one of his tracks, how has your relationship with Paco grown over the years? And how it started? I used to send music to Paco in the past, then he noticed me and asked me for some demos for MINDSHAKE. I did an EP with him and he also wanted to remix one of my tracks...W That was like a dream for me! Collaborating with a great like Paco was a big goal for me. After that, we became good friends and we talk a lot. There’s a very natural relationship of respect, without any interests. Now we have a big EP together coming soon, with a super remixer and a couple of bangers! We would like to know your relationship with Ibiza, when was the first time you were on the island and how was your first performance? I came to play in Ibiza for the first time in 2019. I played at a pre-party for my family Solid Grooves, it was my first experience playing in Ibiza and it was a real dream come true. When Alberto (my current manager) called me and said ‘OK, do you want to come to Ibiza to play?’ I was like, ‘yeah!’ So that is where the journey started, then came my residency at DC10, Hï Theatre and the Club Room. What makes Naples so special to be one of the most stimulating breeding grounds for electronic music? Napoli is a very special city for a DJ - and Paco knows it well - especially when you are from there. We have big examples like Marco Carola who is the pioneer of what we do now and what we play. The people are so warm with the DJs and you feel like a superstar when you are there! For me, sometimes it’s really hard even to walk in the city as they always stop me for a selfie or just a quick chat. It’s a really special city!